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Introducing the Seventh Element Paintball Tank Regulator!

The Seventh Element Paintball tank reg is built with the feedback of hundreds of paintball players. One of the main design points about the Seventh Element Tank Regulator is the length of the entire reg.  It is one of the longest on the market and is great for anyone who wants to push their tank back a bit
The Seventh Element Tank Regulator features an aluminum body design with a unified aluminum cap for easy maintenance.  The Seventh Element Tank Regulator uses a shim stack instead of a spring so there will be no fluctuation in pressure as the regulator breaks in.

The Seventh Element Regulator is one of the easiest to adjust on the market. When the Seventh Element Regulator is off the bottle, there is an easy adjustment at the very bottom which controls the output pressure of the tank.

The Schrader pin valve is installed so that you do not have to take the CAP (bonnet) off when the servicing is required.  The regulator only weighs 132grams or .32 lbs and is compatible with all 4500 PSI bottles on the market.

Seventh Element Tank Regulator Features:
.32 lbs Light Weight Body
Aluminum Body
2.5 Height
Pressure Adjustment Shims
Schrader Pin Valve
Chrome Fill Nipple
Chrome Burst Discs
Shim Based Design
Easily Rebuildable
Low Maintenance


The Seventh Element Tank Regulator Has Extra Safety Features:
Full Volume Design
1.3 Cylinder Port Thread
Stainless Steel Piston
Body Bleed Hole
Port Thread Bleed Hole
Two Set Screws for the Cap


The Seventh Element Tank Reg Meets ASTM Standards:
1800psi Burst Disc
7500psi Burst Disc
ASA Thread
Bleed Hole

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