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Sly Elbow pads are some of the most well thought out pads on the market. If you want your forearms and biceps to be fully protected on the paintball field, you defiantly need to consider our Backman Sly elbow pads and Frontman Sly elbow pads.
The Sly Elbow pads have a ton of great features that put them ahead of the competition when it comes to comfortably and protection. The Sly elbow pads have a ton of protection but are some of the most flexible pads in paintball.

The Sly Elbow pads use many pieces of cut foam padding throughout which are all connected with a good quality elastic material that holds everything together. The space between the pads helps you to move your wrists, elbows and shoulders without feeling any resistance from the pad.

The thumb hole at one end of the Sly elbow pad and the bicep strap at the other make the pads very stable. Once you throw on your pair of Sly elbow pads you know they will not be sliding around on your arm.
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