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The Sly Knee pads are now available at ANSgear. Their Knee and Shin pad combination is built from very durable material pieces. The Sly Knee Pads use many pieces of the foam so the pad can easily contour to your knees and shin without slipping around.
The 2010 Sly Knee pads have been very well thought out and have a bunch of great features. The very bottom of the knee has an elastic gel band which keeps the Sly knee pads in place on your leg. It also prevents any dirt and debris from getting into the pads.

On the very top of the Sly Knee pads there is an elastic strap with suede outer surface.  This strap is fully adjustable and keeps the top of the pad very secure and snug so it wont move around during play.

The Formed and fitted knee area of the Sly Knee Pad is build to take tough impacts while keeping your knees and shins in great shape.
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