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As each year passes, we get a new version of the Sly Paintball chest protector. Also, each year the Sly Chest protector steps up their quality and protection. This year is no exception!
The Sly bounce chest protector is not only designed to keep you save on the field, but to keep you in the game longer. The Sly Paintball chest protector has unique padding and protection in key spots to absorb the impact of the ball and keep it from breaking on you.

If we start at the top of the Sly Chest protector, you will find shoulder blade protection which is not found on too many chest protectors on the market. The shoulder protection is especially great for anyone wearing a paintball vest.

Just under the Sly Paintball chest protector shoulder blade protection, they have put in a stretch fit arm holder. This helps to keep your chest protector snug so it will not slide around during play.

On the chest and back of the Sly Chest protector, you have a great amount of upper body protection. The padding in this area is very absorbent and takes most of the impact of getting shot with a paintball.

Moving further down to the side and kidney area, the Sly chest protector includes a great amount of padding. These areas are broken apart from the padding on the rest of the Sly chest protector to give you better flexibility and movement once you put this on.

The Sly Paintball chest protector is not an outerwear garment and is meant to be worn under either your jersey, sweatshirt or other top.
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