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The Sly tank cover has made a few attempts at being the next "big thing" in paintball and this year they have hit it out of the park. The New Sly Tank cover is built out of high quality and durable materials so this is one you should not have to replace anytime soon. Check out the Sly tank cover color selections and choose the one that best fits your size bottle.
Many paintball companies overlook the tank cover and think it should be noting more than a piece of neoprene over the bottle.  Sly has a different belief and with the new line of Sly tank covers is showing it off.

The Sly tank cover is designed like no other cover on the market. When you get your Sly tank cover, you will notice its professional designer quality and look. Don't forget the most important part... the durability of the Sly tank cover is second to none

A few of the key features on the Sly tank cover are the carbon fiber woven upper portion with an integrated waterproof zipper. This ensures your tank will stay safe even on those rainy days.

The Bottom and most important part of the Sly tank cover is built from compressed leather. The bottom side of a tank cover takes most of the abuse and with the compressed leather, you know your cover is going to outlast the rest of the competition.
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