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Smart parts barrels have been in production since the beginning of paintball and have some of the biggest barrel names in paintball including The Freak, Progressive, Teardrop and All American series. The Smart Parts barrel combinations are endless and are priced for recreational paintball players all the way up to the pros. The Smart Parts barrel is made and tested by top of the line equipment in their own 100k+ square foot warehouse located in Pennsylvania. You can rest assured that when you purchase a Smart Parts barrel you will be getting nothing but the best.
Smart Parts Freak Barrels Smart Parts Freak Jr Barrels Smart Parts Freak XL Barrels
Smart Parts Freak barrel kits are some of the best barrels on the market. The patented design of the Freak barrel allows you to pick the barrel back that is compatible with your paintball gun, the Freak barrel front of your choice and your desired inserts. The main idea of the Smart Parts Freak barrel is to purchase multiple inserts with your kit so you can choose the best insert for the paintballs you are shooting that day. When you have a good paint to barrel match, your gun will have better consistency as well as accuracy.
If you want to go all out, you can purchase the complete freak kit which includes all 8 of the different inserts as well as the deluxe carrying case. The complete Smart Parts Freak barrel kit will never leave you high and dry on the paintball field because you will always have paintballs that fit perfectly in your barrel. Use what the pros use and get your Freak barrel kit today.
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The freak Jr barrel is a great and inexpensive top of the line barrel option. The Freak Jr or Freak Jr kit will get you the versatility of a barrel kit without breaking the bank. The Freak Jr is barrel that is put together by Smart Parts, but does not have the same options as the Freak Barrel. The Freak Jr comes with the barrel back that you choose for your gun, a 14 inch dust black front, and a pre determined insert based on the version of the barrel that you buy.

The Autococker version of the barrel comes with a .689 insert. All other versions of the Freak Jr come with a standard .693 insert. Additional inserts are available for purchase separate.
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The original FreakŪ system quickly grew into the most widely used and highly respected interchangeable bore barrel systems ever created. Through years of tournament proven performance it has been the benchmark of consistency, accuracy and flexibility. The new FreakŪ XL builds on that legacy, combining user feedback with extensive research to deliver the next evolutionary step in the FreakŪ system...

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Smart Parts Tactical Barrels
The Smart Parts Tactical barrel is a great 20 inch barrel built specifically for Scenario and Woodsball players. Some people may say this barrel is not very practical due to the length, but this all depends on the field and terrain. This barrel is great for players who want to get the most accurate shot each and every time.

This barrel is mainly used for players that want to use terrain to their advantage. The Smart Parts Tactical barrel is great if you are playing on a field with a lot of shrubbery, brush or bushes. When using this barrel, you can easily stick it through your cover while keeping yourself heavily protected from the enemy.
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