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Spyder 50 Caliber paintball guns are finally released and in stock. Check out our selection and order the Spyder 50 cal paintball gun of your choice today.
The Kingman/Spyder 50 caliber paintball guns are designed specifically for paintball fields and beginning paintball players. The Spyder 50 cal paintball guns are designed to shoot smaller paintballs at the same velocities as the larger 68 caliber paintballs. Since the 50 caliber paintball weights less than half of a 68 caliber paintball, the impact of the ball is not as powerful on impact.

The Spyder 50 caliber guns are designed with two major purposes in mind. One, the Spyder 50 caliber paintball gun will be great for field rentals since most paintball gun renters do not know what to expect their first time out.  

The second benefit of Spyder 50 caliber paintball guns is the low impact which will helps parents feel more comfortable letting their kids on the field. The Impact difference from a 68 caliber and 50 caliber paintball gun are dramatically different.

Overall, the Spyder 50 cal paintball gun has its place on the field and is a great benefit to the sport of paintball. Know that whether you pick up a 68 or 50 caliber Spyder paintball gun that you will have a good quality and reliable marker in your hands.
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