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We stock the complete line of Kingman Spyder .68 Caliber paintball guns. Spyder .68 caliber markers are some of the most popular paintball guns in the sport, known for their great gas efficiency and reliable performance. No matter if you play speedball or woodsball, beginner or advanced, shoot a little or shoot a lot, we have the .68 caliber Kingman Spyder that is perfect for you.
Kingman Spyder Electra Kingman Spyder Fenix Kingman Spyder MR Series
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The Kingman Spyder MR Paintball Guns are here and ready for battle! ANSgear is proud to carry the complete line of Spyder MR paintball markers and accessories. The Kingman Spyder MR series brings military style and function to the paintball field. The Spyder MR markers get great gas efficiency so you don't run out of air during the attack and are tough to withstand the abuse of woodsball. more info
Kingman Spyder Victor Kingman Spyder VS Series Kingman Spyder Xtra
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Kingman Spyder Victor Paintball Marker - The Spyder Victor paintball gun has been a long-time beginner and recreational level favorite. The Spyder Victor is a reliable mechanical blowback marker, so it doesn't require any batteries to operate. The Spyder Victor is small and compact, making it ideal for all sizes of players. It is also very easy to clean and take care of. Basic maintenance can be done without tools and under five minutes with practice!

Kingman Spyder Xtra Paintball Marker - The Spyder Xtra paintball gun is a step up from the Victor. While the Victor has a plastic grip frame, the Xtra is constructed all of aluminum. The Spyder Xtra also features an aluminum foregrip, giving you better control of the marker while shooting. The Xtra delivers dependable performance and easy maintenance as well as gets a lot of shots per tank fill.

Kingman Spyder Fenix Paintball Marker - The Spyder Fenix paintball gun is the hot rod of the Spyder .68 caliber line. The Fenix has an electronic trigger for a featherweight trigger pull and fast rate of fire. The Fenix has different firing modes including Full Auto, and has break beam anti chop eyes to keep the bolt from chopping paint. The adjustable regulator lets the player fine tune the performance for optimal results.

Kingman Spyder Hammer 7 Paintball Marker - The Spyder Hammer 7 paintball gun brings back the old Kingman pump marker, updated to a new style of play. The Hammer 7 pump can be used with a traditional feed neck and hopper, or as mag fed shooting either regular .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike rounds. The Spyder Hammer 7 has become a woodsball favorite.

Kingman Spyder MR Series Paintball Marker - The Spyder MR Series paintball guns are built for the serious woodsball and scenario player. The Spyder MR markers continue the Kingman tradition of great gas efficiency and simple, reliable designs while providing tactical features like accessory rails, offset feed necks and shoulder stocks. Whether you are looking for mechanical or electronic operation, mag fed or hopper fed, standard .68 caliber or First Strike Ready, there is a Kingman Spyder MR marker for every woodsball playing style.
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