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ANSgear is proud to stock the full Spyder Paintball Gun lineup at the best pricing online. Choose today from the .43 caliber Kingman Training, Kingman .50 Caliber, or the standard .68 Caliber Spyder paintball guns that everyone has grown to love and trust.
Kingman 68 Cal
We stock the complete line of Kingman Spyder .68 Caliber paintball guns. Spyder .68 caliber markers are some of the most popular paintball guns in the sport, known for their great gas efficiency and reliable performance. No matter if you play speedball or woodsball, beginner or advanced, shoot a little or shoot a lot, we have the .68 caliber Kingman Spyder that is perfect for you. more info
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Kingman Training .43 Caliber Paintball Guns - The Kingman Training, or KT line, are compact paintball pistols that shoot .43 caliber paintballs. These semi auto paint pistols are mag fed, feeding paint from a clip inserted into the grip. The special Kingman .43 caliber paint is specially designed to be used in these lower velocity pistols so the paintballs break with less sting. They are great as a back-up pistol or for KT pistol games only.

Kingman Spyder .50 Caliber Paintball Guns - The Kingman Spyder .50 Caliber line are high quality markers built to shoot the smaller .50 caliber paint. These markers are great for recreational games and family play. Kingman .50 caliber paintballs hit and break with much less force, making them ideal for youth players and casual games. We carry all Kingman .50 caliber Spyder markers and accessories.

Kingman Spyder .68 Caliber Paintball Guns - The Kingman Spyder .68 Caliber Line are the most successful marker design in history. It has been said that more people started playing with a .68 caliber Spyder than any other marker. We carry the full line of Kingman .68 guns including Electronic Spyder E-Markers like the Spyder Fenix, Mechanical Semi Auto Spyders like the Spyder Xtra, and the milsim Kingman Spyder MR Series such as the Spyder MR5, MR100 and the Kingman Hammer 7 pump marker.

History of Kingman Spyder Paintball Guns

Kingman broke onto the paintball scene in 1994 with the original Spyder One paintball gun. Kingman Spyders were the first stack tubed blowback marker that delivered great performance at a low price. Later models such as the Kingman Spyder Compact, Spyder Rodeo, Spyder TL, Spyder TL Plus, and Spyder Aggressor offered more features while still staying affordable.

The Spyder Flash was the first electronic Kingman paintball marker. Other classic electronic Spyder guns include the Spyder Pilot, Spyder Pilot ACS, Spyder Imagine, Spyder Electra, Spyder E-99, Spyder VS1, Spyder VS2, Spyder VS3, Spyder RS, and Spyder RSX.

Kingman made a brief attempt to create a high end tournament marker in the early 2000s. The Kingman EM-1 was an electropneumatic marker that used a solenoid-controlled air ram to fire the paintball, and a spring return system to reset it for the next shot. The design was not successful and Kingman returned to what it does best, which is making simple and reliable markers that anyone can afford.

With the rise of milsim and serious woodsball in the mid 2000s, Kingman introduced the Kingman Spyder MR Series paintball guns. Beginning with the models such as the mechanical MR1 and the electronic MR2, the Spyder MR paintball guns became incredibly popular with woodsball players for their great gas efficiency and light weight. The MR series have a classic military look and typically come with a shoulder stock, offset feed for sighting down the top of the marker, and tactical rails for attaching accessories like sights, lasers and flashlights.

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