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If you have ever been on the hunt for some tactical paintball gear, tactical paintball equipment or tactical paintball supplies, then you have come to the right place. We have one of the most extensive tactical paintball gear lineups you will find.
Tactical paintball gear is for the paintball players are very serious about the sport and will do anything to win. Tactical paintball gear usually has a lot of options to choose from such as style and color so you will be on top of your game in any type of situation.

The ANSgear Tactical paintball gear section has a great selections of tactical helmets. If you want to keep your head protected while sticking true to the tactical/milsim ideology, then we have the helmets for you.

Our Tactical paintball gear section also carries a few different types of sound bang grenades. The Rap4 Sound Bang grenades are great if you want to tip off your team when trouble is coming. The Tactical grenades are easy to use and can really enhance the experience of a game.

Tactical paintball gear will give you every possible advantage you will need on the field. Check out our selection of night vision gear which will allow your team to see deep into the dark. Though the nightvision is not right for every player or scenario, the serious tactical paintballer will have these in their gear bag.
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