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Tiberius Arms FSC Pistol Tiberius Arms Roscoe Revolver Tiberius Arms T15

Tiberius Arms FSC Paintball Guns are the most compact on the market. With several accessories they can be made to look and function in several different ways. Being versatile they can be used as a primary, secondary, and even for home defense. Being Pepperball Compatible they can keep you safe on and off the field.
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Tiberius Arms T15 Paintball Guns utilize First Strike Rounds and Roundballs with the AR Platform to provide several tactical Applications. The Long Range DMR set up provides a great Base Platform for a Sniper. While The Machine Pistol Variants provide the most compact version with the Select Fire Trigger. In between the CQB and PDW provide a maneuverable compact option. On any Model the available Select Fire trigger can be installed to provide Full Auto and Semi Auto firing modes. There is a range of different barrel and adapter options. Even if paintball isn't for you this has an Air-Soft variant as well. With all of the available options this is the most modular Tactical gun on the market.
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Tiberius Arms T15 PDW Tiberius Arms T15 Scout Tiberius Arms T15 SF

Tiberius Arms T15 PDW Paintball Guns feature a rugged lightweight aluminum body that will withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimum maneuverability. Achieved with a mil-spec collapsible stock, 7″ floating hand guard, 8.5″ Smooth Bore Barrel, and our popular Raging Donkey Barrel Tip.
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Have you ever wanted to rapid fire your T15. There is a drop in Select fire kit for your Mechanical T15 Marker. It gives you the Select Fire function so you can have multiple firing modes including Safe, Semi Auto, and Full Auto. Get your Tiberius Arms T15 SF Paintball Guns and kits at Today!
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First Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber Paintball Revolver - Black First Strike Roscoe .50 Caliber Paintball Revolver - Black
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Tiberius Arms Paintball Guns caused quite a stir in the woodsball paintball world with the first successful mag fed paintball guns. Tiberius paintball pistols and Tiberius paintball rifles have become a scenario favorite for those players who want a realistic milsim feel and prefer accuracy over volume. Built for the discriminating woodsballer, Tiberius markers instantly set you apart from the pack.

All Tiberius Arms markers can be loaded from a removable magazine holding 8 to 14 paintballs. They are built to take abuse, with tough composite frames and precision machined aluminum construction that can stand up to any field conditions. Tiberius guns are reliable and accurate, perfect for the player who likes to pick and choose their shots instead of 'spray and pray'.

Tiberius Arms revolutionized the concept of a 'paintball sniper' when they introduced Tiberius Arms First Strike paintballs. Tiberius First Strike rounds are a photodegradable cylindrical shell filled with paint. The outside has diagonal fins to impart spin like a rifle bullet. First Strike paintballs fly farther and straighter than any other paintball in the history of the game, turning you into the ultimate paintball sharpshooter! All Tiberius Arms paintball guns come First Strike Ready to use FS rounds.
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