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Tippmann paintball guns have been some of the most durable, rugged and affordable paintball guns since the beginning. Based off of their tried and true blowback platform, Tippmann has a paintball gun that is great for any beginning, intermediate or advanced paintball player.
98 98 Complete Marker Kits A5
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A5 Complete Marker Kits Army Alpha Bravo One
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Cronus FT-12 Flip-Top Gryphon
Check out the all new Tippmann Cronus Series Paintball guns. These affordable price point markers are durable and are great for entry level paintball players of any age. Pick up your Tippmann Cronus today you wont be disappointed. more info
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Check out the all new Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun!  The Tippmann Gryphon is specifically built to target new paintball players who are looking to purchase their first paintball marker and get into the sport. With a price tag of only $69, the Tippmann Gryphon is one of the best dollar for dollar paintball guns to ever be released. more info
Mag Fed Stormer Stryker
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Checkout the new Tippmann Stormer line of paintball guns and packages. Choose from the Stormer Basic, Tactical or Mag Feed Elite versions.

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Tippmann Raider Tippmann TCR TMC
This is the all new home of the Tippmann TCR series paintball guns

The all new Tippmann TCR Tactical Compact Rifle is the latest entry into the milsim paintball world. The Tippmann TCR is built around the proven TiPX Pistol platform and offers the player the most flexibility and reliability of any magfed marker today. The Tippmann TCR accepts the 7 and new 12 Ball Tru-Feed Mags, popular ZetaMags, and are completely First Strike compatible. If more firepower is need then the included Hopper Conversion Feed Neck installs quick and easy.

The Tippmann Magfed TCR had dual air source options. The player can use a 12 gram CO2 cartridge inserted via a built-in quick changer in the body (reversible for left or right handed shooters), or connect a remote system to the Drop Down Remote Line Port.

The Tippmann Tactical Compact Rifle features a tough composite milsim-style body with a sliding butt stock and adjustable cheek rest. The foregrip can be repositioned without tools in seconds and folds flat when tactical requirements demand a lower profile. The player can get target acquisition with the flip up front and rear sights, or mount their favorite tactical accessory on the multiple tactical rails.
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Check out the largest selection of Tippmann TMC guns you will find anywhere. You can choose from stock guns to fully decked out models with tons of accessories which are priced at a discount. The TMC is a great gun for anyone looking to get into MagFed paintball at an affordable price. You can customize your gun with tons of great accessories and create the perfect setup for your style of play. more info
TPX Pistol US Army
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The Tippmann paintball gun brand was started in 1986 and is known for durable and reliable paintball guns that can take a beating in the hands of even the toughest paintball players. With price points ranging from $70 all the way up to $400+, Tippmanns have appeal to a huge audience.

All current model Tippmann paintball guns use one of two different style barrel threads. If you have a very coarse thread on your barrel then you would need to buy a "Tippmann 98" style barrel. If you Tippmann paintball gun has a much finer/thin thread then you would need the "A5/X7" style barrel. Note: this applies if you are not happy with your Tippmann Paintball Guns stock barrel and want to upgrade to an aftermarket barrel.

If you are looking a purchasing a Tippmann paintball gun then read below to find out which one will be best suited for your needs.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Paintball Gun - The Tippmann 98 was the first big release that really gave Tippmann its push into the hands of millions of paintball players. The Tippmann Platinum 98 Custom expanded on the original Tippmann 98 by making it quicker to take apart, easier to maintain, and able to accept even more cool accessories. Affordably priced at $119, the Tippmann Platinum 98 is the ANSgear recommended pick for any paintball player looking for a bulletproof and reliable beginner paintball gun.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun - Over the years, the A5 has become one of the most widely used recreational/woodsball guns on the market. It was introduced in early 2000 and took the paintball market by storm. The most interesting feature of the A5 is the patented Cyclone Feed System which keeps your paintball gun from chopping and you from buying an expensive battery powered loader.

Tippmann Army Alpha Black Paintball Gun - The Army Alpha Black is a US Army licensed Tippmann Paintball gun. Sticking true to the US Army lifestyle, the Alpha Black Tippmann paintball guns are modeled after the ever popular M4 series assault rifle. With a very competitive price, this gun packs a great bang for your buck.

Tippmann Carver One Paintball Gun - The Carver One was the first edition to the US Army Tippmann paintball gun lineup. The Carver One basic is built to give you a great realistic military feel without breaking the bank. You will notice that the Carver One has a full aluminum body, steel braided hose and a hard powder coating finish that does not wear. Priced starting at $99.95, the Carver one is a great buy.

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun - The Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun starts at only $69.95 and is the least expensive out of all Tippmann paintball guns. Available in a power pack (only $30 more) which includes a mask, tank, and loader; you can be on the field with a great paintball setup for under a hundred bucks.

Tippmann Project Salvo Paintball Gun - When you hear the name Project Salvo you think of a serious paintball gun. Standard features on the Tippmann Project Salvo include an AR15 style 6 point adjustable stock, a Project Salvo AR15 style shroud with picatinny rails for your favorite accessories, 11 inch quick thread barrel and adjustable front and back sights.

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Gun - If you are looking for a reliable paintball pistol then the TiPX is the Tippmann paintball gun that you want! The Tippmann TPX is light weight, easy to maintain and very affordable. Stock with A5/X7 threading, most Tippmann Paintball gun barrels are compatible with the TiPX guns.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun - The X7 is the highest level of all Tippmann Paintball guns. The X7 Phenom Series utilizes FlexValve technology and can fire in both mechanical and electronic mode for ultimate versatility. The Phenom comes with the fast Cycle Feed System for trouble free performance and has plenty of options for mods and upgrades. If you want the best performance out of your Tippmann Paintball gun, then check out the X7 Phenom series which starts at $299.
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