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The Brand new Vanguard Creed paintball gun is soon to be available for purchase at ANSgear. Over the years, the same manufacturers continue to innovate their paintball gun lines to become the best on the market. It is very rare that you see a brand new company startup and initially produce a top of the line high quality paintball gun like the Vanguard Creed.
The Vanguard Creed paintball gun is machined from solid billet aluminum and is gun drilled for accuracy. The entire Vanguard Creed paintball gun is machined from state of the art machines which means everything about the gun is very precise.

The integrated high flow inline regulator of the Vanguard Creed paintball gun is very basic which means it is very easy to maintain as well as repair. The regulator placement of the Vanguard Creed allows the gun to work without any type of macroline or external hoses.

The Vanguard Creed Paintball gun is designed to be very efficient on battery life and gets over 100,000 shots per charge. The Creed even comes stock with a main, travel and emergency charger which charges through a USB port on the back of the grip frame

The Vanguard Creed uses advanced air valve technology which gives the air a smooth air path. This helps to reduce operating pressure and increase air efficiency. This also helps improve the consistency of the shots.

The Full color OLED board on the Vanguard Creed paintball gun gives you all information about the gun and settings right at your fingertips. All settings on he board are easily adjustable using the on board display.

The Vanguard Creed paintball gun uses standard Autococker threading which means it is compatible with most paintball guns. The gun comes stock with a complete 1 piece barrel kit which includes a 14" .689 barrel, 14" .693 and 16" .693 barrel.
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